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Are you waiting for inspiration?

(spoiler alert: inspiration does not come to those who “wait”. It comes to those who “do”.)

Welcome to Studio 9’s Weekly Art Workout! We still cannot meet in person, so in the meantime, we are resurrecting IMA’s Weekly Mosaic Workout that was facilitated by Sophia Cordoni at the Institute of Mosaic Art in 2014. This time, it's not just for mosaics, it's for any medium. What is it? It is a weekly art challenge to exercise your creative muscles in any medium you choose. Meet inspiration half-way. How does it work? I provide a weekly prompt to give you a subject, and in the next 7 days, you create a small art piece—any medium. After completing your piece, take a picture of it, and send a photo, jpeg or gif, to Randi, at The photos will be posted (with the artist’s permission) to our blog for sharing. The submission guidelines will be included in the first prompt. Who can participate? Anyone. We are opening this workout to include any medium, since some of us do not have space to create mosaics at home. Where is this happening? Wherever you create art. When does it start and how long does it go? 12 weeks, beginning August 7th - October 23rd 2020 Why do this? Several reasons:

1. To start a creative practice. I would like to believe that “thinking” about making art is the same as “creating” it. It doesn’t seem to work that way. Truth is, the more you do, the more proficient you become.

2. If you cannot indulge in your primary medium, consider trying other forms of visual expression. Revisit an old favorite art form.

3. This workout is a great opportunity to make a lot of crap! Photographers take hundreds of photos to find that one “perfect” one. How often do you get permission, dare I say, encouragement to make something less than beautiful in the service of growing as an artist?

4. Like going to the gym, it might be uncomfortable to start, and it may even hurt, but you know you’ll feel better afterwards.

How do I join? Email Randi at to sign up. Twice a month we will have a Zoom Lab to have show-and-tell, share experiences, and check in with each other. (Date and time to be determined.) Ready to jump in?

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